Relief Care

Some practice members just want enough help to get through a flare-up or crisis.

Once out of the crisis these practice members choose to wait until they have another flare-up or crisis.  We call this Relief Care or Crisis Care.  This type of care can take as little as 1 or 2 chiropractic treatments, but usually takes somewhere between 3 and 10 treatments.  


  • Specific, Low-Force Spinal Adjustments 
    •  The power of chiropractic is in its specificity
  • Intersegmental Traction (if applicable)
  • Instructions on Home Care as needed

Once relief is reached, it is recommended that each of these practice members receive an exam to document progress reached which consists of at least the following:

  • Computerized sEMG Scan
  • Computerized Range of Motion Study(ies) (if necessary)
  •  Re-testing of all Orthopedic & Neurologic Tests which discovered problems in the Initial Visit

Corrective Care

Others don't just want relief, they want to correct and stabilize their spine as well.

But they're not looking for more than just the best chiropractic care they can find. We call this Corrective Care. This type of chiropractic builds on the Relief Care noted above, as once out of crisis or pain, inflammation & muscle splinting, the body can focus its energies on remodeling muscles, tendons and ligaments that have either been injured or have shortened (or lengthened) as they worked to stabilize less than ideal segments, bones and joints.

Each patient that chooses Corrective Care receives the following:

  • Specific, Low-Force Spinal Adjustments that build on those of Relief Care
    •  The power of chiropractic is in its specificity
  • Intersegmental Traction (if applicable)
  • Cox Spinal Flexion Decompression (if needed)
    • Used in cases of Disc Herniation & Nerve Trunk Compression
  • Specific Instructions on Stretches for your circumstance
    •  Increased flexibility is key to getting well faster, staying well & aging well
  • Specific Instructions on Exercises for your circumstance
    •  Increased strength & muscle tone
      • an important key to getting well, staying well & aging well
  •  Instruction on Dr. Henze's 11 Wellness Concepts
    • These are my pearls of wellness wisdom to help my practice members get well, stay well & age well

This phase of chiropractic care will go a long way to helping you increase your General Adaptability Potential (GAP) which will help you to Get Well, Stay Well & Age Well by increasing your ability to adapt to your ever-changing environment!


wellness care

...Even Greater GAP

Some practice members, like me personally, are not just interested in spinal adjustments, stretches and exercises, but in increasing our General Adaptability Potential (GAP) as much as possible, so we can get as well as possible, stay as well as possible, and age as well as possible!

For those individuals, we have the following additional Wellness services & help available:

  • Periodic Wellness Check-Ups & Spinal Adjustments
    • Along with Daily Stretches, Exercises and good diet choices, these Wellness Check-Ups & Adjustments help practice members maintain the correction that they have gained in Corrective Care
    • The frequency of these varies, depending on physical, chemical and emotional stresses each is typically under as well as consistency in performing daily stretches, exercises and other health boosting factors, but usually these visits range from once every 2 weeks to once every 2 months, with some practice members successful at once every 3 months!
  • Nutrition Supplementation Measurement, Products & Advice
    • Through this we consistently help practice members:
    • Experience Increased Strength
    • Decrease Chronic Pain
    • Slow or Reverse the Effects of Osteoarthritis
    • Boost Immune System Function
    • Decrease Cancer Risk
    • Relieve Restless Leg Syndrome & Leg Cramps
    • Lower Blood Pressure
    • Lower Cholesterol Levels
    • Improve Mood / Decrease Irritability
    • Relieve Insomnia
    • Reduce or eliminate Type 2 Diabetes
  • Liver, Bowel and Blood Cleanse Products, & Advice
    • All Natural
    • Through this powerful tool we help practice members:
    • Relieve Constipation
    • Decrease Chronic Pain
    • Enhance effects of other Nutrition Efforts
    • Supercharge our Weight Loss Program
  • World-Class Weight Loss Measurement, Products & Advice
    • Backed by 20,000 medical and chiropractic physicians
    • Supported by Research through Johns Hopkins Medical School
    • Excess Weight / Obesity = Back Problems / Health Problems
    • Surprisingly Reasonable Cost!
  • Computerized Foot Scans & Custom Made Orthotics
    • Proper arch & foot support = Greater Spinal Stability & Healthy Feet
  • Essential Oils Products, Education and Advice
  • Whole Body Vibration Therapy
    • With this technology we help practice members:
    • Stimulate Lymphatic Drainage
    • Boost levels of Testosterone and natural HGH
    • Reduce the effects of stress
    • Improve circulation
    • Decrease Blood Pressure
    • Strengthen muscles -- especially of the spine
    • Improve collagen production
    • Decrease level of Cortisol (hormone released under stress)
    • Increase bone strength and density - Combats osteoporosis
    • Increase muscle strength, tone, flexibility, and coordination
  • Periodic Workshops and Classes on Health & Wellness


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