Initial Problems:

After two substantial falls, one 7 years ago and one recently, Jane had been dealing with back pain and a neck injury. 

She initially called the medical doctor and was advised to "take two aspirins and call in the morning." Between taking the aspirins and stretching she was able to find some relief, but she felt she needed something more.


3 weeks after the recent fall Jane came in to Henze Chiropractic & Wellness and has been able to find the added relief she was looking for as well as some extra benefits she wasn't anticipating...

I am very pleased with my care. I am able to participate in activities I couldn’t before. My range of movement, my digestion, and other body systems are working better. This is an added benefit I didn’t expect.
— Jane R.

Jane, like many others, initially came in for back and neck pain. She found the releif she was looking for but was also able to experience the unexpected benefits of having full nerve function restored to her neck and spine.

I often recommend chiropractic care to my friends and family; most are making it a regular part of their healthcare schedule.
— Jane R.