Pattie struggled with back, hip, neck, jaw and rib pain from a car accident. Additionally she had some pain in her heel that may or may not have originated from the accident that gives her trouble when walking.

She dealt with these issues for 5 months before coming in to Henze Chiropractic & Wellness. She reports that she had been to other doctors seeking relief from these problems during that time but got no results. 

She was regularly taking Advil and steroids for breathing that supposedly helped with inflammation. The drugs were not giving her the relief she wanted, in fact the Advil gave her gastritis.  


Everything is improving but heel pain is completely gone in right foot and almost completely gone in left. Remarkable! i could barely walk or stand [before].
— Pattie F.


  • Heel pain in right foot completely eliminated
  • Heel pain in left foot almost completely eliminated
  • Back pain has improved
  • Hip pain has improved
  • Neck pain has improved
  • Jaw pain has improved
  • Rib pain has improved
  • Ability to breathe has improved