Patsy was involved in a car accident and was left with back pain and a ringing in her ear. She had struggled with these issues for 7 months before coming into Henze Chiropractic & Wellness. During that time she sought medical care but reports that there was no improvement with the ringing in her ear. Her back had improved slightly, however.

Alternatively she had tried massage and physical therapy which helped some, but only with her back pain.



Before coming to Dr. Henze I had a ringing in my ears for the past 7 months. After my FIRST visit I experienced a significant decrease in the ringing. Now after a few visits the ringing is almost completely gone.

Knowing what I know now, I wish I had come to see Dr. Henze 7 months ago.
— Patsy P.

To review:

  • Significant decrease in the ringing after the first visit
  • Further improvement with continued care