Initial Problems:

Tina struggled with back pain and a constant ache around her right elbow. Some days the pain didn't allow her to move her arm.

The pain made sleeping difficult and she began to lose strength in her right arm.

Just two months after the pain started Tina was unable to grasp objects, raise her arm, or use her fingers.

I never mentioned my loss of strength or the pain in my arm to Dr. Henze because I never thought that it could be related to an unhealthy spine.
— Tina A.

She had been to a different chiropractor previously but did not receive the help she needed.


After only a month of chiropractic care at Henze Chiropractic & Wellness Tina's arm is completely pain free! She also got all of her strength back!

I truly believe that a healthy spine affects your entire body.
— Tina A.