Initial Problems:

Nicole struggled with mental stress, emotional stress, headaches, neck pain (whiplash), back pain, and allergies. 

She went to massage therapy but it was either too painful or too "tickley" so she had to stop treatment.


Nicole didn't know much about chiropractic, but decided to go for her reoccurring headaches and because she had heard that chiropractic could help with allergies. Here's what happened:

  • Headaches were gone after the first visit
  • Neck Pain lessened over time and is now gone
  • Allergies definitely much less severe. Dust used to really bother her but practically doesn't anymore.
  • Looser muscles
My favorite thing is that my muscles are so much looser; they aren’t ticklish at all and I’m finally able to enjoy massage for once. They even did some deep tissue. Chiropractic works!
Remember our bodies are very intelligent and through chiropractic they heal themselves!
— Nicole M.