This success story is a little different in that it is formatted as an open letter to all. The letter reads as follows:

I wish to inform the general public of my great experience with the wellness Clinic and Michael Henze D.C.

In January of 2005, I stepped off my front porch in Boise, Idaho and not by my action, I took off running without control and glanced off a tree in my front yard. I finally got stopped by my mailbox by the street and I returned to normal walking.

We left a couple of days later for Arizona for the winter. We stopped in Jackpot for the night. After dinner as we exited the casino to walk to the motor home, I went into a fast speed walking for about 60 yards. My wife was able to steady me during the walk and I returned to normal speed.

We drove to Las Vegas and I went to Nellis AFB to see a doctor. He checked me over and suggested after what I had experienced to see a neurologist. I had a friend in Las Vegas who had seen a neurologist and I got in to see him. After numerous electron test and an MRI, he informed me that I may have excessive fluid on the brain. He suggested when I return to Boise I see a neurologist.

I returned to Boise and contacted a neurologist. I gave her the information and MRI from the neurologist in Las Vegas. The first thing she did with me was run a blood test. On this test my B12 level was low. I went to St. Luke’s for a period of time for B12 injections. After B12 injections, she put me on Parkinson’s medicine, Carbidopa/Levadopa 25/100 1 pill every 8 hours. The first one I took made me sicker than a dog. I called her and she said to take with food and get up to one every eight hours. I did this for a year and my balance and stability deteriorated. During that year, I saw another neurologist in Bullhead City, AZ. He ran tests on me and said I had nerve apathy and there is no cure or medicine for that problem.

I cam back to Boise, Idaho for the summer. Depression got the best of me. One night the ambulance picked me up at home and took me to St. Luke’s onEagle Rd. After IV and [a] doctor’s examination, they suggested I go to a neurologist. She put me on Lexapro and I stabilized. She also put me on Amantadine, a parkinson medicine 1/2 the strength of the first one I took. I ended up with [the] same problems as I had experienced with the parkinson’s medicine before: constipation, stability and balance problem. I waled every day as I had for my past life and I fell down out walking. I used a vehicle and my cane to get me standing.

In 2008, they tapped my spine and removed some serum and I was like a human being again. It only lasted about two weeks. Also in 2008, my right arm went lame. After a neurosurgeon fused some part of my neck, my arm returned to normal.

I still had the balance and stability problem. The neurosurgeon sent me to a neurologist and they decided after another spine tap that I should have a shunt installed in my head to keep the fluid level proper. I improved some but I still had stability, balance and lob back problems.

After that experience y wife and daughter convinced me to go to Henze Chiropractic.

After consultation, they suggested a program which I agreed to try. My lower back pain problem was eliminated and [Dr. Henze] using spine and appendage exercises had [gotten] me back to [feeling like] a normal human being. Today I removed the street tires on the back of my old F250 Ford and installed mud and snow studded tires. Also I have done other tasks around the home that I couldn’t attempt since January of 2005. What is most gratifying is I am a normal human being on month shy of 75 years old.
— Don A. Eiler