LDM-100 Lomatium


LDM-100 Lomatium


LDM-100 is pure Lomatium dissectum extract in an organic cane alcohol base.  This is the full-strength product. Before using LDM-100 consider acclimating your body to Lomatium with Munity Boost first. 

This product is gluten free.

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Shelf life for LDM-100 is 10 years.


In a small percentage of people, Lomatium will cause a one-time detox rash when taking it for the first time. This is a well known rash and will clear up quicker when taken with Dandelion root and Vitamin C.

***If you have never taken a whole plant extract of Lomatium please consider the MunityBoost which has Lomatium in it and was developed to acclimate the body to Lomatium with the addition of 6 other herbs.***

Nutrition taken at therapeutic levels is powerful and LDM-100 is perhaps Dr. Henze's strongest single nutritional tool. 

If you are as sick as many people are, you will likely rash, but it is a healthy healing crisis. It's worth it!


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