Cox Technic is gentle, safe, effective spinal manipulation for the relief of lower back pain, neck pain, extremity pain like arm pain and leg pain due to low back or neck conditions. Disc herniation, spinal stenosis, spondylolisthesis, pinched nerve, sciatica, facet joint irritation and much more can be helped with Cox Technic flexion distraction.

Cox Technic is well-researched. Flexion Distraction has been awarded federally funded grant monies to study its biomechanical effects on spinal structures (drops intradiscal pressures and widens the intervertebral foramen) and its clinical outcomes (superior to medical conservative care in treating radiculopathy/pain that extends down the leg and into the foot as well as chronic mild and severe pain). 

Cox Technic is supported by post graduate education course training, Cox Technic Complete online/offline program for community outreach, and the Cox Table as the instrument for clinical effectiveness. 

Cox Technic is research-documented and clinically-successful in relieving spine pain and spine related pain. Its protocols are taught in school and via post graduate seminars. Nearly 64% of chiropractic physicians report using flexion distraction. Cox Technic is effective non-surgical care of back pain, neck pain, arm pain and leg pain. A referral directory of certified physicians around the world is available.

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