Many have discovered the power that chiropractic has to relieve and manage headaches. Over-the-counter pain medications are the most popular way to manage headaches but many do not know that they do damage to your liver, kidneys, stomach, and other organs.

Chiropractic addresses the root cause of the headache rather than simply masking the symptoms. By aligning the neck and spine pressure is taken off of spinal nerves and the body is able to balance itself without drugs.



Dr. Henze

Dr. Henze

When I discovered chiropractic, I was 27 years old, married to the love of my life, with three beautiful children, living in Las Vegas, Nevada. I had a career in architectural electrical engineering. And I had suffered from a constant headache that ebbed and flowed from the time I was approximately 4 years old (that’s as far back as I can remember). When I was five, I spent a week in the hospital and underwent exploratory surgery, because I was urinating blood (from taking too much careful with those over-the-counter pain killers!). Multiple MD’s were consulted to assist with the headache issue. X-rays, Brain Scans, Tests and Trial Treatments were performed, but no relief from the headaches was found other than potent pain blocking drugs with dangerous side effects.
None of the MD’s, RN’s, etc., ever suggested Chiropractic—even as a remote possibility—even though within chiropractic circles, headaches were and still are routinely helped and/or eliminated through chiropractic treatment. At the time I stumbled across Chiropractic, I was consuming 6 to 8 Excedrine per day to keep the headaches to what I termed a “dull roar” while at work and in college. In fact, many studies have shown that Chiropractic is very successful in significantly reducing the frequency, intensity and duration of headaches for the large majority of headache sufferers!

Two weeks after beginning chiropractic care I was virtually headache free for the first time that I could remember! I’m grateful to report that I continue to remain largely headache free. As a Doctor of Chiropractic (D.C.), one of my goals is to help as many headache sufferers as possible due to my sense of kinship to them!
— -Dr. Henze